Intro Ironhide

Ironhide Quotes:


"If trouble doesn't find me, I'll find it!"

"High-Tech circuitry is no replacement for guts!"

"Don't send a rookie to do a veteran's job."



The Opel Tigra was the first car that came to my mind when i needed to pick my first car. Small, agile, Light-weight and good driving capabilities. The choice is made by heart, not by head. That is the Tigra for you; Heart. not Head. Ironhide is a machine that lets his guts tell him what to do. Usually tempered and ready for action. Some similarity there.. A lot has changed on the Tigra, and yet many has to come, you better stay tuned.. get it? Tuned? ;). After some thinking i decided that Ironhide matches the car the best on exterior style but personality aswell.


She may look small.. She may not look that extreme.. yet ;) But remember.. Talent makes the instrument.. an instrument doesn't create talent.


Don't send a rookie to do a veteran's job. Ironhide.



Rio Verde Leer mocca



Tuning kit

Renault espace onderlip

Angel eyes

Rood/wit heldere achterlampen



17" Harry Haussen RVS rand


Motorisch: 1.4 16V

Motor type: X14XE

Vermogen: 90PK


Audio: Oem


Extra: Supersprint katvervanger


Toekomst perspectief:

C20let motor

Interieur opnieuw bekleden


Foto's van Ironhide: